She’s Been Nice This Year…

…so I guess that’s why she got so many great presents for Christmas! Seriously, Camille made off like a bandit and we have to go out this afternoon and buy containers to pack up some of her old toys. But I’m certainly not complaining! She got a ton of great stuff and it has been so much fun watching her play with it all. We’re going to put away her old toys for a month or so, and when the newness of her Christmas gifts wears off, we’ll switch them out for a bit.
We were able to spend about 4 days in Fitzgerald with Grammie, Erin and Dave, which made Christmas a special treat. Camille was spoiled mightily, and even learned a few new tricks – like the proper application of rouge. She loved getting into Aunt Erin’s makeup bag, but what freaked me out was how quickly she figured out how to apply the makeup.
Christmas morning, Santa-Grammie left a little something under the tree for our girl. Or rather, a BIG something. Miss Baby LOVES her rocking elephant!
We got up Christmas morning at 5:30, and even though waking up that early was her idea, she was still pretty sleepy and non-verbal at that hour. But as she started tearing through the gifts she began waking up a bit. About halfway through the presents, Lee helped her get the wrapping paper off a gift that was inside an old box of business envelopes. The box had a picture of envelopes on the front, and when she saw it she shrieked, “Oooooooooh!!” Like it was the best gift ever – and she hadn’t even seen what the actual gift was inside. Next year, I’m saving us all some money, and instead of all the fancy gifts, I’m buying the kid some envelopes.
Once we finished opening gifts she started getting sleepy again. The excitement was overwhelming and all she could do was crawl onto Daddy’s tummy and snuggle. He didn’t mind.
Then we packed up the car and headed to Moultrie where she entertained us all by “cooking” with a spoon and a bowl and walking around the room to feed everyone. She also snuck outside for some one-on-one seesaw time with Grammie. I think she looks too grown in this picture.
After Moultrie, we headed home to Savannah. It was strange, because we usually go from Moultrie to Macon to see my extended family. Last year, all the travel was just too much and none of us were able to really enjoy the day, so we decided to start alternating, and next year we’ll go to Macon instead of Moultrie. While I think this arrangement is better, it’s still not perfect. I really missed seeing my family, and we still had to spend about 5 and a half hours on the road Christmas Day and do a lot of packing and unpacking. We’ll eventually figure out the best way to celebrate the day, but meanwhile it’s always a little hard to break with tradition. But fortunately for me, Nana and Granddaddy were able to come here the day after Christmas and are visiting until Saturday! Yay!
The day after Christmas, Santa Claus was finally able came to visit Camille at her house (even though he almost had another delay because the playhouse was delivered without instructions and without the needed screws. Luckily, Daddy had some Santa could borrow). Camille seems to really like her new playhouse! She says her new playhouse is number one!