Camille’s Masterpiece

Camille has enjoyed coloring for months. When she spots her coloring book, she says “Paper! Paper!” Then I pull out the crayons, which she also calls paper. That’s because whenever she starts coloring on the floor or the table I sternly remind her, “No Camille, on the paper,” so she just associates that word with her coloring book and crayons. I guess I say it a lot!
Her method of coloring had mostly been in the Seurat style. She “stippled,” basically stabbing the paper with the end of a crayon and creating a bunch of dots. But today, Lee bought her some new jumbo crayons and a big tablet of newsprint, and Miss Camille’s artistry blossomed into something new.
I wasn’t at home to watch her because I had to work, but Lee was sweet enough to send me photos. He put the tablet on the floor and she dropped to her hands and knees and colored so intently.
The work paid off in long, beautiful strokes of vibrant color. The artwork is just so different than anything I’d seen her do before, and I could’ve cried. There’s just something so amazing about seeing her creativity on paper. This is a keeper.