Georgia Girls

Miss Camille and I got all dressed up to cheer on our bulldogs tonight. Right now, Camille is in her pajamas, but I know she’s cheering in her dreams.
It’s been such a nice few weeks with all the holidays, all the visits and all the quality family time. My parents left on Saturday morning, and by lunch Lee’s Dad and Donna were in town. Camille got even more fun toys and plenty of doting.
Tomorrow, I’m not going to be too thrilled about taking Camille back to school. We’ve had a lot of fun these past few days, and have really enjoyed our happy, healthy baby.
She’s hilarious. Sometimes she just starts shrieking and running around with her arms out – but it’s the shriek of a child who is just so happy she can’t stand it. I think she likes cutting up and watching us laugh, like in this photo. “No mom, this is how you use a spoon!”
Then she asked for more. When she says it, it sounds like “MOH!”
She’s also started playing dress up. I cleaned out her closet and found this tutu. She wasn’t so sure about it at first, but when I paired it with a hat she couldn’t stop grinning at herself in the mirror. Now I have a whole basket of hats I bring out so she can stand in front of the mirror and try them all on. Then inevitably, she leans in and kisses her reflection. Can’t blame her!
And I just love this picture Lee got of her Monday with his camera phone as they took a walk. She looks kind of mischievous, like she’s thinking about breaking a rule. And she looks so grown up in the baseball hat Uncle Trent gave her.
See that puddle on the floor? That’s me. I melted.