Month: February 2008

Letter to Camille: Nineteen Months

Hello sweet busy bear! You are 19 months old today and I’m so proud of you. Every day you seem so much bigger, stomping around the house, giggling, screeching, and playing. I laugh so much when we’re together,… Read More

Missing Her

One thing is certain – I need that little girl. Walking away from her this afternoon felt like ripping my heart out and watching it flop all over the mall parking lot like a fish, gasping for air…. Read More

I Spy Spring

I noticed the first peek of pink last week on my way to the grocery store. There in the bushes in the median on Washington Avenue – azaleas in bloom. I did a double-take. I’m always excited to… Read More

Amy Winehouse Tribute

That “Rehab” song by Amy Winehouse is quite catchy, and Lee and I often get the chorus stuck in our heads. Especially the part that goes, “They tried to make me go to rehab/ I said ‘no, no,… Read More

Keepin’ Her Head Above Water

Tomorrow, Camille and I will once again suit up and join in with a bunch of other moms and dads for our StarBabies swim class at the Aquatic Center. When the classes began in January, I was SUPER… Read More

Super Tuesday

I think it’s great that Boards of Election are making it even easier for people to vote by opening certain polls for early voting. No lines, no tight schedules – you have a couple of weeks to find… Read More

You Know You’re Old When…

…you get really excited about a new vacuum cleaner. Our old one recently died on us just moments before a house showing. It had been performing more and more poorly, then finally just quick picking up any of… Read More