I Spy Spring

I noticed the first peek of pink last week on my way to the grocery store. There in the bushes in the median on Washington Avenue – azaleas in bloom. I did a double-take. I’m always excited to see them, because spring is my favorite time in Savannah. Soon the fountains will be green for St. Patrick’s Day, and the weather is already starting to warm (albeit temporarily). Temps were in the upper 70s today with a wonderful breeze, and I snapped this photo as we all headed to the neighborhood playground to enjoy the weather.
The buds are just forming and considering opening up to drink in all that sunshine. In just a couple of weeks, that same stretch of sidewalk will look like this photo I took last March.
Bright, cheerful flowers as far as you can see. By the time we get back from Cuba, I bet the flowers will really be popping out.
Cuba… now that’s another blog post or two. Tomorrow, perhaps? Right now it’s time for bed.