Amy Winehouse Tribute

That “Rehab” song by Amy Winehouse is quite catchy, and Lee and I often get the chorus stuck in our heads. Especially the part that goes, “They tried to make me go to rehab/ I said ‘no, no, no.'”
Well, “no” just happens to be one of Camille’s new favorite words. Sometimes she really means it, but sometimes she’ll just walk around chanting, “No. No. No. No,” because it’s just fun.
Therefore, Miss Camille likes the Amy Winehouse song and its chorus of “no”s. I realize the subject matter isn’t appropriate for a baby, so we change it up a bit about trying to make her go to baby school or something, and she likes to chime in.
In honor of Amy Winehouse’s Grammy win, Camille performed for the camera tonight. She’s too cute. I could eat her up.

Camille’s Grammy Tribute from Ginger on Vimeo.