Camille usually wakes up from her nap asking for Mama. So today, I was a little confused when I heard her little voice saying, “Boo? Boo? Boo?” at the end of her nap. I stood outside the door a minute, trying to decide if she was really awake. I cracked the door, and sure enough she was standing in her crib, and she looked and me and asked, “Boo?”
I tried to figure out what she was asking for. Book? Fruit? I picked her up and headed for her stack of books, but she wiggled down and started walking toward the door. “Boo?” She asked again.
Then I remembered. Grammie is visiting, and Grammie likes to call Camille “Boo.” When Grammie comes into the room, she’ll often say, “Hi Boo!” to Camille just before scooping her up.
Soon, my hypothesis was proven. Later that day, Camille pointed to me and said, “Mama!” Then she pointed to Lee and said, “Daddy!” Then she pointed at Grammie and said “Boo!”
The rest of the night all she wanted to talk about was “Boo! Boo! Boo!” For whatever reason, Camille has not yet said “Grammie,” and she seems elated to finally have a name for her Grammie. I imagine one day she’ll call her Grammie, but for now, she is most definitely Boo. Although, with a little southern Cami flair, because it often comes out as a polysyllabic bit of drawl sounding like “Baaoooooooo!”
Here’s a pic of Camille and her Boo playing in a tent in our living room. It’s hard to see Boo, but it’s not easy photographing a busy girl in a little tent!