Ugh. Poor Camille has the flu, confirmed by a test at the doctor’s office. I think her Daddy and I have it too. I’m aggravated because we all got our flu shots, but I understand the vaccine wasn’t a great match to the common strain this year. I’ve had a couple of docs assure me that we’d be feeling much worse if we hadn’t gotten the flu shot, and that even though it wasn’t a perfect match it provides our immune system a boost – so at least that’s a plus. But we’ve been out of school and work, and buying stock in Tylenol and Motrin.
So here are some pics to make me feel better. A couple of weeks ago, we went to the Oatland Island Wildlife Center with Elsie and her parents and had so much fun. Camille really enjoyed the farm area where she got to see a cow, ducks, chickens, a pig, sheep and goats up close.
She also really liked the aviary, but not so much because of the birds. They have a big, fake nest you can play in, and she thought it rocked. I love this picture of her with Elsie. Here’s what I think the caption should say:
“Hey! I laid an egg! Look, you did too!”