A Stroll in the Park

Yesterday, we were still sick at home, but beginning to feel just a tiny bit better. Just enough to give us cabin fever. We love to take Camille places – the park, the store, the mall, the playground – but when she’s sick it can be very isolating because I don’t want to expose others to her germs, or introduce new germs to her.
But yesterday the sun was out and it was warm and I felt we could both use an outing. So I compromised and we strolled to one of our neighborhood parks that is mostly benches and greenspace and not usually full of many other people or kids.
I strolled her, but I also brought along her new baby doll stroller. It’s been a hit around the house, so I thought she might enjoy strolling her baby doll in the park.
Well, she did, except she couldn’t decide which stroller was best.
Here she is taking her baby doll out of the doll stroller (yes, the baby is naked, and that’s another story for another blog post):
“Baby wants to be in the big stroller! Yeah!”
“Safety first.” She always tries to close the front bar.
“Push! Push!” Her words exactly. She loves to get behind the big stroller and say “Push!”
“Changed my mind! Let’s go to the baby doll stroller. C’mon baby!”
“In you go!”
“All set baby?”
“Wave to Mama!”
“And off we go!”