A New Chapter

I don’t feel that different yet. Maybe it’ll sink in tomorrow when Lee and I ride together to our office. Or Friday when I don’t take Camille to daycare, and don’t have to feel guilty about it.
But things are different. When I walked out of my office building today, I walked away from my job and into a new chapter of my life.
As of tomorrow, the Heideldesign staff is doubling as I come on board. Lee’s business has been growing so quickly, and for quite some time we’ve been talking about bringing another staff member on board. At the same time, several of his clients began needing some PR work, and we realized I might be a good fit for the company as a PR Consultant. And the company seems like a good fit for me.
And it’s funny how things fell into place from there. I hope it’s divine intervention, because that would mean I’m on the right path!
I’m excited about the work we can do together, and the opportunity for continued growth of the company. I’ll have a chance to do PR work, some photography and editing, and I’ll get to develop web content (something I have really come to enjoy!). Lee and I will also have a chance to be creative together and come up with new ways to branch out our business.
I’m also excited because I’ll be working part-time, giving me two extra precious days to spend at home with Camille during the week. Even though she seems ok about going to daycare, I still struggle with the idea of leaving her there all day, 5 days a week. She’s old enough now that I think she benefits from some amount of daycare, but I’ve long wanted to tip the scales so that she spends more days at home than at school – at least while she’s still so little. And now, thanks to my husband’s booming business and his willingness to support my decision to join him on a part-time basis, we can reduce her number of days in childcare.
Of course I’m nervous. I had a great, cozy government job where I felt valued and appreciated – but the opportunity to work with Lee, to grow along with his company, and to spend more time with Camille were undeniable draws. I believe we will be successful, but I know self-employment can be a risk. So I’m praying we make good choices and that the right things happen along this path, and I’m getting more excited every minute about waking up tomorrow and starting this new chapter.