Off to a Good Start

Wednesday morning, my first official day at Heideldesign, we found a parking spot on the second floor of the parking deck just across the street from our building. Lee got out of the car and asked, “I wonder if you can see our office window from here?” I looked, and saw this.
What a nice way to start my new job, with a sweet welcome sign from my loving husband for all of City Market to see.
It was great working with him and being downtown. We took a break and walked to Johnson square to sit on the benches and chat. I can open my office window and hear the church bells ringing at noon. And best yet is the company policy on inner-office romance: mandatory.
And today, I got to be mom full-time, and I enjoyed taking care of my sweet girl (even though she only napped for 30 minutes. Argh….). Camille and I met another mom and daughter for a playdate at the beach to soak up some sun. I know every week won’t be the same, but I think I could get used to this.