Secretly, I think I’ve wanted Camille to have a “lovie.” I had a favorite blanket as a child, and was so attached to it my parents had to cut it into smaller and smaller pieces until there was nothing left for me to drag around (still in therapy over that).
I don’t know why I wanted that same sort of addiction for Camille, because I know it could be a pain to have to bring a specific toy along all the time. But there is something really cute to me about a child clinging to a soft and sweet lovie.
I’ve put various blankets and stuffed animals in her crib over time to see if she favors any of them. She seems to like having them in there, but it doesn’t seem to matter which one she has. Right now, she’s digging the stuffed puppy her Granddaddy brought her – it’s name is DAT! as she reminds me every night when I hand it to her.
But the closest thing we have to a lovie (other than her pacifier), seems to be … a swimsuit. Any time she sees one of her 2 swimsuits, she nearly hyperventilates while frantically grabbing at it, saying, “Sim-suit! Sim-suit! Sim-suit!” She’ll carry it around like a blanket, clutching it in her fist. The other day, we took her swimsuit along to Target because she didn’t want to leave it in the car. Tonight, as we were getting her ready for bed, she spotted it in her bedroom and dropped whatever other toy she had and lunged for the swimsuit.
So, maybe it’s not the furry animal or satiny blanket I’d imagined, but she’s still pretty darn cute with her sim-suit lovie.