Can Little Nia Bean Be Five?

I can’t believe Nia is 5 years old. Five just sounds so… big! Last weekend, we went to Winder to visit with the Valleses and celebrate Nia’s 5th birthday. Nia is such a special girl – so smart, so caring, always quick to laugh, and she gives great hugs. I’d love Nia even if I’d only just met her, but she’ll always be extra special to me because I had the privilege of witnessing her arrival.
She was amazing to me then, and is still amazing to me now. She’s always been a sweetie, and I have enjoyed watching her grow. Being around Nia helped give me the confidence I needed to believe we might be able to raise a child of our own. And now, to watch my little girl play with Nia is a great reward.
Things were so busy during her birthday party that I didn’t get many pictures, and I’m kicking myself for that. I did snag this one of Camille and her buddy Nate playing with the fishing poles – the water games were Camille’s favorite event. And she loved anything that she could do alongside Nia or Nate (except the bounce house – more on that another day).
So to make up for my lack of recent photos, I’ll take a little trip down memory lane to see some of my old favorite Nia photos.