That’s my sleep number.
After years of sleeping on an old mattress, after countless nights of rolling toward the valley in the middle of the bed, after numerous mornings of extracting ourselves from the indentations our bodies wore into the springs, we shelled out the dollars for a better bed.
We considered a lot of options, but based on the recommendation of my brother and of Anna and Jason, we decided to go with a Sleep Number bed. It was delivered yesterday, and I have to admit I had my concerns. It’s basically a really expensive air mattress, and when they pulled out a coleman pump to inflate it, I had flashbacks of sleepovers on those uncomfortable air mattresses that usually lose firmness throughout the night until you wake up touching the floor.
But I am pleased to say that so far, the mattress feels quite unlike those old air mattresses and quite unlike any other bed I’ve slept on. In fact, it may be a little too comfortable, because I have a really hard time getting out of it. I think Miss Camille likes it too. I usually bring her to bed in the morning and she’ll sometimes lie there for 10 minutes (15 if I massage her feet). This morning she stayed in bed with us for 30 minutes, so maybe she has a hard time getting out of it too.
I’m always nervous about big purchases like this, so I’ll probably feel a little skeptical for a month or two, hoping the mattress doesn’t begin to feel less comfortable. But for now, I’m really liking our new bed!