3 Degrees of Separation

We got out the door early this morning to beat the crowds headed to the beach for Memorial Day. The weather was great and we got a parking spot right at the boardwalk, which is handy for schlepping all our stuff over the dunes. Miss Camille was super-excited to be there and loved playing in the puddles and digging through the wet sand, although she took off running any time a wave came lapping up into her puddle. She likes her water to be predictable.
She was great about keeping on her hat, but the hat was pretty worthless because it kept falling behind her head or in front of her face. Time to go shopping for a new hat!
At one point, a little boy about her age came wandering over wanting to play, and we chatted with his father while they exchanged shovels. It came up that the boy speaks three languages – English, French and Spanish.The dad went on to explain that the family lives in Atlanta, but the father is from France and his mother is from Cuba.
Of course, my ears perked up at this and we mentioned our recent trip to Cuba. As it turns out, we met the uncle of the French man’s wife! In fact, we toured his Havana home and took him out to dinner. I knew the Cuban man had a brother living on Tybee, and it turns out that’s why this family was visiting today – to spend time with the father-in-law.
How random is that?!
Anyway, it was a great way to spend the holiday – beach in the morning, shopping and the pet store in the afternoon. And best of all, we got to spend it as a family.