Missing the Grands

Camille and I got spoiled rotten when Nana came to stay with us for a whole week, and now that she’s gone Camille keeps asking forlornly, “Nana?” I explain that she had to go bye-bye. Then she asks “Ga-da-dee?” (for Granddaddy), and I say he went bye-bye too. But at least I can tell her they are together finally! Granddaddy returned from China Wednesday night and I’m very happy to have him back on US soil.
Several times when we’ve walked past the guest bedroom, Camille has tried opening the door saying, “Nana! Nana!” I have to show her that Nana’s not in there. This morning, I got one of the sodas Nana brought and left in the fridge, and Camille saw it and said, “Nana’s drink!” While Nana was here, Camille liked watching her do her back exercises. Even now, Camille will plop down on the floor and say “Exercise!” Then she’ll start mimicking Nana’s exercises and saying, “Up, down! Up, down!”
I’m kicking myself for not taking more pictures while Nana was here. We went to the beach twice, and Camille had so much fun, but I forgot my camera both times. Nana got some pictures though, so as soon as we see her again I’ll have to get a few copies.
I did manage to snap this one before Nana left. Camille moves so fast these days it was hard to get her to look at the camera for more than a nanosecond. Or should I say “nana” second!