Playhouse Mania

My neighbor had a playhouse when I was growing up. It was one of those legit playhouses, built out of wood with a front porch and curtained windows. We spent countless hours in that thing, and I loved it so much I’d even sneak over there and play when she wasn’t home (even got busted one time).
Last Christmas, we got Camille a little playhouse – one of the plastic kind that is small enough to occupy a corner in our living room without being too obscene. It’s a good size for her right now, and she enjoys playing in it for a few minutes at a time (she doesn’t do too much of anything for longer than a few minutes these days). It has built-in seats and a little table, and she likes to share snacktime with her animals in there, like this Cheerio and milk break with Elmo.
Her friend Sterling just got a new outdoor playhouse, and it’s about 4 times larger. We’ve played over there once since she got it, and the house was a hit with both girls.
But I still have my heart set on getting Camille a wooden playhouse one day. On a recent trip to Sam’s Club, they had one on display. It had a front porch and workable shutters, and was perfect. Her little one is fine for now, but it’ll be a good Christmas or birthday one year when she gets the mega-house – good for me, because I think I’m the one who really wants it. But I imagine she’ll like it a little bit too!