Happy Daddy’s Day

Right now, I’m taking a quick break from cooking dinner while the potatoes roast, and listening to Camille and her Daddy hanging out upstairs. They’re playing the electric guitar, Lee is singing and Camille is laughing. I’m so thankful we girls have him in our lives.
He’s the kind of Daddy who lets her “help” him re-upholster a bench, even though we both know it would’ve been easier to do it without a wiggly toddler in his lap.
He’s a good role model when it comes to sharing, because Camille has taken a great liking to all of his superhero toys. She learned pretty quickly how to remove the child lock from Daddy’s toy cabinet, and now likes to take Spawn and make him fly through our dining room. But Batman is her favorite (wonder where she gets that from?).
She loves Lee’s old batmobile, and he didn’t protest when his beloved childhood toy was commandeered by a cow and a goat.
He doesn’t mind that his Batman regularly gets put “night-night” in the cradle and told to “Shhhhhhh.”
And he didn’t even interrupt yesterday when Camille made Batman and Superman kiss.
He’s teaching her lots of wonderful things, like songs and numbers and letters, and valuable skills like “respect knuckles.”

Daddy Gets Respect (Knuckles) from Ginger on Vimeo.
But best of all, and what makes my heart melt, is how he’s teaching her to laugh and love. Just watch this video and see what happens when she hears Daddy coming up the stairs (making monkey noises, of course).

Daddy Tickles from Ginger on Vimeo.
Now that’s a Daddy’s girl if I ever saw one.