Get Ready, Mr. Jones!

We’re in Miami where hopefully, in less than 24 hours, Baby Jones will arrive! He’s a little behind schedule, so they’re planning to induce in the morning. I’ve been feeling the baby squirm and wiggle all night in Erin’s belly, and I can’t wait to meet him and hold him myself!
The drive down was good, thanks to all of Boo’s great entertaining. Camille napped for an hour in the morning, but that was it, so she was kind of delirious once bedtime rolled around. But we traveled for 6 hours before feeling the need to turn on the DVD player, so I think that was pretty good. She loved it, of course, and I just hope it doesn’t become a battle over the next few days now that she knows it exists. But it was a nice little break for us all.
I wish there were some way for her to understand how special this trip is, and how exciting this time is for us all. We’ve told her she’ll get to meet Baby Jones, but she doesn’t have any idea what that means. And even when she meets him, I’m sure she still won’t understand the importance of his arrival. But I have big plans for these kids. I hope Camille has close relationships with all of her cousins, and that when she meets Jones, it’ll be the beginning of a special family bond.
And I’m excited for Erin and Dave too. All of our lives will change with the arrival of this baby, and we have so many good things to look forward to together. I can’t wait!