Month: July 2008

School Shopping

First things first. Here’s a picture of Camille, because it’s been far too long since this website had a new picture. This is what we get now when we ask Camille to smile. Cute thing – she’s trying… Read More

She’s Giving Me A Complex

I was getting dressed for a playdate this morning, and as I was slipping on a pair of jeans, Camille observed, “Too tight. Tooooooo tight.” The thing is, these jeans are actually a little big on me. And… Read More

Lingering Birthday Wishes

Camille’s birthday was almost a week ago, but she’s still celebrating. Today she spied the leftover paper plates from her party, and asked to hold the one with a pig on it (“Hold pig! Hold pig!”) She held… Read More


I bought dry roasted macadamia nuts. The jar says the ingredients are macadamia nuts and salt. Yet the label says my jar may also contain peanuts, cashews, almonds, filberts (what the heck is a filbert?), pecans, brazil nuts,… Read More

Two-Year Checkup

My big girl had her 2-year checkup today, and it went very well. The doctor had lots of great things to say about her health and development, which is always reassuring. Camille is 34 inches tall, which I… Read More

Letter to Camille: Happy 2nd Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Camibear! We had so much fun today celebrating your birthday. With all the the presents, the balloons, the cake and food, the friends and the water games, I think you really enjoyed yourself. And I… Read More

Popsicle Party

Miss Camille got to be the birthday princess at baby school today when we had a little classroom birthday party. Last year we brought cupcakes and I thought about doing that again, but her hands-down-favorite treat right now… Read More

Blog Post In Which I Get On My Health Insurance Soap Box And Refuse To Come Down

I’ve learned a lot about health insurance over the last several months. The basic take-home message: our private health insurance options suck. Period. When I left my government job to join Lee at Heideldesign, I also left our… Read More

High on Grass

I love grass. In fact, I think I’m addicted. It makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. And Camille seems to really like it too. You know. Grass. Sod. A nice green lawn in the backyard. When Lee and… Read More

Colorado Vacation: The Hike

I couldn’t write about this trip without dedicating a whole section to the hike Lee, Dad and I took one day. It’s a hike my family did when I was 11, and I remembered it as gorgeous, but… Read More