Review: Huggies Pull-Ups Vs. Pampers Easy-Ups

In just a few short weeks, I’ve learned a little about training diapers – and what I learned surprised me.

When Camille moved up to the next class at baby school a few weeks ago,
the teacher sent home a note that we needed to send training diapers to
school. You know – those big girl diapers that pull up and down to help
kids get the hang of potty training.

Apparently, I’m the only
one who still thinks she is a baby, because everyone else is under the
impression that she is all grown up. Sigh.

So we bought the Pampers brand called Easy-Ups, because we were Pampers snobs and have liked their Cruisers diapers.

Easy-Ups are stitched at the sides like regular underwear, so in order
to put them on you have to put them over her feet. This is complicated
if she’s wearing shoes or clothes, which she is most of the day. Taking
them off was simple enough because you just had to tear the stitching
on the side and they’d come apart, but if you were wrong, and she
wasn’t really wet, then you’d just ruined a perfectly good diaper.
There was no repairing it. I did NOT like these diapers, but just
figured that was what all training diapers were like, and we were stuck
with them.

So I was surprised when the director of her
soon-to-be-new-school said she had to have training diapers with velcro
on the sides when she comes to school. I didn’t believe this existed,
because it sounded wonderful – and surely Pampers wouldn’t neglect to
include such a fabulous feature on their pricey Easy-Ups, right?

And YAY for Huggies! After doing a little research, I discovered that
Huggies Pull-Ups have velcro on the sides so they can be put on much
like a regular diaper, although they still work as up-and-down training
pants when we’re on the potty.

So now, we’re big Huggies fans. And the girl Pull-Ups have princesses on them, so – you guessed it – Camille is very happy too!

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