Every morning this week, Camille’s first words have been, “Auntie-Jones?”
After her nap, “Auntie-Jones?”
When we walk by the guest bedroom, “Auntie-Jones?”

And if I counted the number of times we’ve had the following conversation, it would be close to infinity:

Camille: “Auntie-Jones?”
Me: “Oh, I’m sorry baby, Auntie and Jones had to go bye-bye.”
Camille: “Boo? Boo?”
Me: “She had to go bye-bye too.”

Happy Jones
Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to enjoy hanging out with Auntie and Jones and Boo. Although Camille rarely refers to Erin and Jones as separate entities – they are always “Auntie-Jones.” Which, I guess if you think about it, is the reality for most newborns and their mommies. They’re pretty attached.

Erin and Jones came to visit last week while Dave was working out-of-town, and it was so good to have an extended visit with them. I really had a chance to get to know Jones, eat his toes, make funny faces, and fall in love with him. He is seriously adorable, and such a good baby too. And I loved watching Erin be a mother. Boo joined us for a few days too, and we had a really good time playing together.

Boo and the Kids

And I was proud of Camille. When Jones was first born, she was pretty jealous of him. But this time, she had her jealous moments, but for the most part she was fascinated by him. She’d wail if they left the room, inconsolably crying “Auntie-Jones! Auntie-Jones!” until she was with them again. She smothered him in kisses. She even introduced him to the joy that is a tea party. By the time the week was over, Jones was even holding his own teacup.

Tea with Jones

Camille also liked having all the baby things out in the house.


We pulled a swing and a bouncy seat out of the attic for him, but when he wasn’t using them, one of Camille’s dolls surely was.


They enjoyed the car seat too. She usually insisted on strapping them in as well – always the careful one, my girl.

While Jones was here, he really began holding up his head well. It’s amazing how rapidly they grow and change at that age. He also had his first Diet Coke, from Arby’s no less (Ok – he didn’t really have any).

Jones' first Diet Coke

Erin and I caught a chick flick at the theater one night. She had a dinner date with her brother one night. And we got crafty too, which was sew much fun (ha ha). More on that later.


Camille isn’t the only one going through withdrawals. Auntie-Jones? We miss you very much.

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