A Grand Visit

We’re settling back in after a much needed visit to see the Grands in Tennessee. Camille had more fun than ought to be legal, playing with her grandparents, jumping on the bed, and DRIVING the golf cart. Yeah, I said driving (in Granddaddy’s lap).

She loves the playroom they finished for her before she was even born. Here she is with Granddaddy looking at books.

Granddaddy & Camille
I loved playing with her up there because most of the toys were my childhood toys. Can I just say how much I still love Mapletown? They were a series of animal families, and I had the Rabbits and the Mice. All the old furniture in their plastic house felt so familiar, like a well-loved and well-worn shirt that you just could never part with. And to watch her delight in them – that was a real treat.

We also got to meet a friend’s adorable new baby, Norah, and Camille was her first official “play date.” Camille was especially interested in this bottle feeding, and had to make sure her Baby Maya didn’t feel left out.

Camille and Baby NorahCamille still wasn’t too thrilled with me holding another baby, but would allow Granddaddy to hold Norah as long as he still had room in his lap for Camille.

Sharing GranddaddyWe miss Nana and Granddaddy already. 

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