Letter to Camille: Twenty-Six Months

26 Months Old

Hello sweet girl, and Happy 26 month birthday! We’ve had a really good month – lots of visits with friends and family, starting a new preschool, trips to the library and Oatland Island for story time, and several beach outings too.

Beach Time
I think you really like your new preschool, which feels a lot more like preschool than daycare. I’ve enjoyed watching you catch on to all the new rules and routines. Every morning, the first thing you do is go get a mat and roll it out on the floor. Then you get one toy off the shelf (your “work” as they call it), and you sit on the mat and play with it independently. It all feels so structured and grown up, but I was amazed that by the second day you already knew what was expected of you. “Mille go get mat,” you told me as we walked in the door.

Camille and Elsie
And you often have a little help from one of your girl friends, Miss Elsie. You two are ADORABLE together. You both seem excited to see each other, and Elsie always jumps up to help you. This morning, she was pulling your mat out of the basket before you’d even cleared the doorway. “Camille’s mat! Camille’s mat! Right here!” She even got your “work” for you and brought it over. It’s fun to watch you develop friendships, and I always feel better about leaving you at school when I know you’re in good company.

Piggy TailsThis month your language has continued to grow at a wonderful clip, and I find myself amazed by the things you’ll say, and the things you’ll sing! You’d already been working on the Barney song, but this month have added “Twinkle Little Star,” and “ABCs” to the list. You may not hit each word (or letter), but you get most of them, and I think it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard.

So SmartYou first sang Twinkle Little Star on our road trip back from Tennessee a couple of weeks ago. There we were, in the McDonald’s bathroom, changing a diaper. And out of nowhere, you launched into the song. My mouth dropped at your accuracy, especially since we hadn’t really been working on it, and I’d never really heard you attempt it before. Once we got back in the car, you shared your new song with Daddy too, and we managed to catch a recording of it on his phone.

(To listen, click the play button in the middle of the cassette)

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

This week, the weather finally got cooler (I know it’s just a tease
though), and we took advantage of the breezes by walking to our
neighborhood playground after dinner. You’re really into climbing these
days, and we got some video of you practicing this new skill. I love
how much you chatter along as we play, even spontaneously deciding to
count to 10 for us.

Playground Fun from Ginger on Vimeo.

Little girl, we really have been having a lot of fun. You’re old enough
to enjoy lots of outings and activities, but still young enough to want
to crawl up in my lap and cuddle. You still think Mama and Daddy hung
the moon, and we’re certain the world revolves around you. You’re quick
to give hugs, and in fact, one of your new teachers told me you are one
of the most loving girls she’s ever met. You’re quick to affirm too,
and every morning you say to me, “Mama looks so cute!” Tonight, you
watched as I spooned the dinner leftovers into a dish, and said, “Good
job Mama! Good job!” And I grabbed you and held you tight. Sometimes,
you’re just so sweet I’m afraid I might implode. I love you so much, angel. So very much.

Polka Dots

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