Silly Girls

I don’t know if it’s because they’re a little older, because they go to school together, or a combination of the two – but the interactions between Camille and Elsie have grown increasingly more fun! I think they’ve always gotten along, but only now does it really seem they are focused on each other and not just engaging in parallel play. We met up at the park this afternoon for a play date that stretched into a Mexican food dinner date, and the two were so silly together.

The other day, Camille rode this merry-go-round for the first time and was a bit timid. She wanted off after the first revolution. Wonder why she’s smiling so big this time?

Merry Go RoundBecause who couldn’t laugh at these antics?

Playground AnticsAt the restaurant, they spent the whole time laughing at each other, showing each other the food in their mouths, and carrying on conversations we could only sometimes understand. They were quite entertaining to watch.

And I just love this pic of my biker chicks on the playground motorcycle! Such cuties. Watch out world, here they come. 

Biker Chicks

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