Whispering Skills

Camille knows how to whisper – I’ve heard her do it plenty of times before. But whispering on command is another issue.

Last night, we were late for the Wednesday night dinner at church, and were only halfway through our meals when the program began. Usually, she’d already be up in the nursery by then, but I really wanted her to finish eating. So we asked her to be quiet. We asked her to whisper. She held her index finger up to her mouth, and acknowledged our request by saying, “Shhhh….” So far so good.

Then, as the minister began sharing upcoming church events, she shouted out, “OINK! OINK! OINK! I’M A PIG!”

We quieted her down by shoveling some more food in her mouth while trying not to laugh out loud. Then as people began discussing prayer concerns, she launched into her best Barney song. “I LOVE YOU! YOU LOVE ME!” At least it was an appropriate tune.

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