Review: Veggie Booty

I’m addicted to the booty. It’s true.

While walking out of the grocery story produce section yesterday, Camille and I strolled past the frou-frou organic/vegetarian section and I spotted this:

Mmm...BootyI remembered reading another mom’s blog about this Veggie Booty stuff and how much her kid loved it, so I took a closer look. Puffed rice with spinach and kale! A treat that has green stuff in it too! I’m always looking for a way to add green stuff to Camille’s diet, so I decided it was worth a try.

We broke into the bag on the way home, and it was DEE-LISH.

Here’s what the rice puffs look like:

Booty DetailThey’re a great texture – think, melt-in-your-mouth Cheetoh without the orange mess. And here’s what they look like just before Camille eats them!

Gonna Eat It!See the crazed look in her eye as she pops it into her mouth? She’s hooked too.

MmmmmmSadly, a look at the nutritional info and ingredients shows that they are still a “treat.” I’m not a nutritionist by a long shot, but I can’t imagine they are a proper substitute for a plate of veggies. The spinach is in the form of spinach powder – how much nutritional content is left once you turn a veggie into powder? Sigh. They seem healthier than a potato chip, but still a treat. Veggie Booty gets an overall 4-Bunny-rating: 5 for taste, and 3 for nutritional value.

But at least she’s eating something green, so maybe it’ll help encourage her to eat the real stuff, too.

And besides, it’s just fun to hear Camille say, “More veggie booty, please!

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