Month: October 2008

More Halloween Fun

Supergirl soared again tonight as we enjoyed a Halloween party at our church. Can I just say I’m glad I go to a church that has a closet full of Halloween decorations, complete with a plastic cauldron for… Read More

Oh crap.

For more than a year now, I have been lucky enough to enjoy a very easy bedtime/naptime routine with Camille. Once she hit 12 months of age, she began to accept the necessity of sleeping in her crib,… Read More

Whatever Shall She Wear?

I’m so annoyed. I spent several hours Saturday shopping for Camille’s fall/winter wardrobe. The temps here suddenly went from hot to chilly, and dressing her appropriately has become a challenge. It’s not easy to find time to shop… Read More

A Fun Halloweekend

Camille has been enjoying all our recent celebrations of the Pumpkin’s birthday – at least that’s what she seems to think this is all about. Saturday, I asked her if she wanted to go to a Pumpkin Party… Read More

My Little Punkin

I’d forgotten how much fun Halloween could be! But thanks to Camille, I get to enjoy so many things all over again – not just the trick-or-treating part, but the pumpkins and decorations and all the fall festivals,… Read More

Picture of the Day

Here’s my favorite internet photo of the day (that does not involve my daughter – hers are always my favorites). It’s a new bushbaby at the Woodland Park Zoo! OH MY GOODNESS! Found this photo on one of… Read More

Letter to Camille: Twenty-Seven Months

Hi sweet girl and Happy 27 month birthday! You’re all snuggled down in your fleecy pajamas for the first time this season, thanks to a cold front that has our temps dipping into the 40s tonight. Your Daddy… Read More

Gotta Get One of These

Several months ago, I heard that a group of people were organizing to support the development of a Children’s Museum in Savannah. I was vaguely interested – I want to encourage the arts, and I’m always looking for… Read More