Whatever Shall She Wear?

I’m so annoyed. I spent several hours Saturday shopping for Camille’s fall/winter wardrobe. The temps here suddenly went from hot to chilly, and dressing her appropriately has become a challenge. It’s not easy to find time to shop by myself (Camille doesn’t yet have the patience required for the digging involved with bargain hunting), but I had some success Saturday and was feeling confident about the mid-thirties temps we’re expecting tomorrow.

Until she tried them all on. I bought 3T, because some of her 2T stuff seemed to be getting small, but they were huge on her. So big that I will have to return all of it (and find time to return it). I can’t really wait for her to grow into it all, because she needs the clothes NOW.

In organizing her closet last night, my frustration grew. All of the new pajamas I bought earlier in the week are 3T and fit perfectly. Yet her winter jacket that was too big on her last year is still too big, and it’s sized 18 months. What the heck? The other day, she had on an 18-month shirt and some hand-me-down 4T shorts that both fit well.

And I do NOT think it would be wise to bring her along to try on clothes before buying them. Getting dressed once per day can sometimes be challenging enough – I don’t want to multiply that and try to keep the peace in a public place.

So I guess I’ll just make some exchanges and hope the 2T ones will fit for a while. But mostly, I just wish the whole sizing thing made sense!

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