A Fun Halloweekend

Camille has been enjoying all our recent celebrations of the Pumpkin’s birthday – at least that’s what she seems to think this is all about. Saturday, I asked her if she wanted to go to a Pumpkin Party (thought that would make more sense to her than Fall Festival, which she might assume was about losing balance), and she asked if it was for her birthday. I explained that her birthday is in the summer, and so she said it was the Pumpkin’s birthday. Sure, why not?

So we went to the Ottawa Farm in Bloomingdale, the same place we picked strawberries earlier in the year. She was very excited as we pulled up, but soon decided she was scared of most of the events there. Sigh. Sometimes I think I push her too soon, hoping she’ll get excited about something that may be just a bit too grown-up. I figured a hay ride would be a fun activity, and as we were sitting on the bales waiting for the ride to start, she was showing me all her different facial expressions.

I love Happy Face, of course:

Happy FaceBut this one was probably more accurate, because once the tractor started and the hay trailer began moving, she was not a happy camper. “Go back. I want go back,” she pleaded, then covered her face.

Sad FaceSo we stuck to the things that I knew would make her happy. She wandered around the festival, looking at the booths. We watched tap dancers in fancy skirts. We ate Italian Ice (the mango flavor, because the color was the closest thing they had to pink).

Then Saturday night, we went to Oatland Island’s annual Halloween Hike, where she had a great time showing off her Halloween costume to all her animal friends.

Camille wanted to be Supergirl this year, and I think she’s the most beautiful Supergirl I have ever seen.

My SupergirlWe gave her three choices – a Princess, a Cowgirl (b/c she likes horses), or Supergirl. There was no hesitation. She likes to wear the costume and pretend to fly, or run around the house announcing that she can run real, real fast. ADORABLE.

Lee got this video as we walked from the parking lot to the start of the Halloween Hike. She was giddy with excitement.

A Very Excited Supergirl from Ginger on Vimeo.

We have even more Halloween events to enjoy this week – I can’t wait!

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  1. I cannot get over how big Cami is getting! What a baby doll! It has been too long since we’ve seen you! Miss you all bunches!

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