The Hold Steady: Take Two

Halloween was great fun, as my little Supergirl enjoyed going door-to-door and dazzling neighbors with her cuteness and her polite “trick-or-treat!” I’ll post more on that later when I have a chance to download some video from my camera…

Meanwhile, as soon as the trick-or-treating was over, Lee and I took off for a weekend getaway to Atlanta, leaving Camille in the capable hands of her Boo. Although in retrospect, we should’ve taken the Halloween candy with us. Saturday morning, Camille announced to me on the phone, “Look Mama! I have a sucker!”

But that’s ok – grandparents are supposed to spoil them a bit, and we’re just grateful to Boo for taking good care of our sweet girl.

I was really looking forward to these five things: spending quality time with my hubby, lingering over meals, sleeping in, reading my book, and seeing The Hold Steady and Drive By Truckers in concert.

The Hold Steady is my latest musical obsession. We got to see them back in September in Athens, but I was coming down with a stomach virus and spent most of the concert trying not to puke. I was barely successful, and although the band was awesome, I was a bit distracted by all that nausea. So I needed a do-over.

And it was SO GREAT! I just love The Hold Steady, because not only are they great musicians, they’re so fun to watch live. They look so … normal and approachable. And on stage, they act as excited to be there as you are.

I managed to get this photo with my cell phone – it’s terrible quality, but still a nice reminder of the fun show.

The Hold Steady

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