Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!
My little pumpkin certainly enjoyed herself this Halloween. All the Halloween parties and fall festivals culminated in the big event – trick or treating.

This was exciting, yet tough business for my girl. She can get shy around strangers, especially when asked to perform. So the idea of walking up to an unknown person and saying, “Trick or Treat,” seemed a lot to ask. Thankfully, she had buddies Will and Sam to walk with, and I think she was glad for the safety in numbers.

The Halloween Crew
So Supergirl, Curious George and the Veterinarian headed off down the street in search of candy. Camille got to walk with her Boo, so that gave her extra confidence. And once Camille realized that she’d get a treat each time she went to someone’s door, her bravery multiplied.

Although it did take a few doors to perfect the technique. All the kids actually entered the first house, brushing past the occupant and heading right into their living room. Can’t really blame them though – I mean, usually when you knock on a door and someone answers, you go inside the house, right?

Trick or Treat!By the time we reached one of our neighborhood parks, all the trick or treating excitement was wearing the kids out. So we stopped for a candy break (thanks to the thoughtful folks who put gummy fruit treats in her basket – something toddler-friendly!), and then knocked on a few more doors on the way home. Here they are looking rather outdone.

Tuckered Out
It was so much fun watching her enjoy Halloween. She’s just bummed it’s over, and keeps asking if we’re going to another Halloween party. I’m already looking forward to it next year too!

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