The Cutest Turkey I Didn’t See

The Cutest Turkey
Camille and I just got home from her preschool Thanksgiving Feast, which was such a cute little party. Other than her school birthday parties, this is the first party we’ve been invited to at her preschool or daycare, and I have been excitedly awaiting this one. The parents were asked to bring food, and I just figured we’d all hang out and nibble on turkey and watch the kids play.

I don’t know why I didn’t really expect a “program” for the kids her age, but as it turns out, her teacher had planned a very cute one which involved the kids dressing up like turkeys and doing a few songs with dances. So I was a little surprised when I walked in 5 minutes late to the sound of applause, and realized with absolute horror that parents were clapping because the program had just ended.

I really wanted to cry, to pitch an honest-to-goodness 2-year-old tantrum right there on the floor of the preschool. But I had no one to blame but myself. The school seems pretty relaxed about schedule in general, so I figured things wouldn’t really get rolling for another 15 minutes or so. I have no good excuse either, I was pricing DVD players at Best Buy for goodness sake.

And I’m really having trouble forgiving myself for this one. I should have been there, not just on time, but early. It’s one thing to miss an event like this because of work or an unavoidable obligation, but I absolutely should have been there. It makes me crazy to have missed watching her perform, but makes me crazier to wonder if she was looking for me in the crowd. I am just sick about it. I’m sure this is probably another of my typical overreactions, but I’m just so sad. Rest assured, I won’t be late again.

I kept it together because I didn’t want her to think I was upset, and made her a plate of food and we enjoyed a picnic together outside with her classmates. She had a really good time playing and showing off her turkey “crown” as she calls it, and her adorable tail feathers.

Shake Your Tail FeatherI do believe she’s the cutest turkey ever, and I’m glad I was able to be there for the lunch and playground time at least. If I don’t get my act together though, I’ll never be Mother of the Year or PTA President… I gotta do better than this.


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  1. Oh, Ginger! I can understand why you’re beating yourself up, but I hope you don’t do it for long. Hopefully Camille didn’t notice. It seems like she was pretty cheerful that day. Geez- if these kids knew how much we tortured ourselves over silly things like this.

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