My Grown-Up Christmas List

So … what do I want most for Christmas? A new washing machine? A new water line under the house? Or repairs to my refrigerator? Maybe, if I’m a really good girl, I can have all three!

I don’t know what’s up, but I have offended the spirits of water or something. A few weeks ago, our washing machine broke. We paid a guy 70 bucks to tell us it wasn’t worth fixing, so we paid many hundreds of dollars for a new one.

Then yesterday, our neighbor knocked on the door to say water was seeping into his backyard and he thinks it’s coming from our house. Sure enough, there was a huge pool of standing water on the side of the house we never see. Our plumber crawled under the house and declared there was “a lake under there.” Our old water line has sprung a leak and must be replaced because it’s too old and weak to repair.

Having barely digested this bit of info, I went to get a glass of cold water from the dispenser in the refrigerator door – except it wouldn’t stop spraying water. I pulled my cup away and water just poured onto the floor. I frantically hit the little lever repeatedly until finally it stopped.

What the heck? Are we going to spend big bucks on the fridge too? And just in time for Christmas! Hooray!

Bah humbug.

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  1. When it rains, it pours, huh? I feel your pain–our dishwasher spills gallons of water onto our kitchen floor if we run it even though we have gotten new seals for the door (someone assured us that would take care of it) and taken the thing apart (my father-in-law was just positive he could find the problem) in an effort to “fix” it. I think we are pretty much to the point of buying a new one. Boo.

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