Camille’s Wish List

Thanksgiving was great, especially since we got to visit with Boo, Erin, Dave and Jones for several days. But I’m pretty mad at myself for forgetting my cameras. Argh! I’ll post some pics once they send me some from their cameras…

Anyway, I always try to restrain from any Christmas revelry until Thanksgiving has passed, despite the valiant efforts of the department stores. But now I’m like – BRING IT. I would’ve loved to get a tree today, but it has been pouring for 2 days straight and I’m sure all the beauties at the Lion’s Club lot are sopping wet.

But this hasn’t stopped me from talking to Camille about Christmas. We’ve been asking her what she wants from Santa, and so far this is her list:

A pink one (not sure what exactly it is, but it had better be pink)
Princess shoes
Foofa (the pink character in one of her favorite TV shows, Yo Gabba Gabba)

I’ve also been trying to get her hyped up about having her picture made with Santa at the mall. Her first Christmas, we got this cute photo:

Santa '06Last Christmas, we stood in line, but it was clearly not happening. She kept saying, “No, no no,” and I didn’t want to force her into that strange bearded man’s lap.

This year she seemed open to the idea, but I was skeptical. She’s not as terrified of costumed characters as she used to be, but she’s still wary. This afternoon, I asked her if she wanted to go to the mall – I was just planning to let her play there since it’s so rainy outside. She piped up, “And go see Santa! And have my picture with him!!!!”

Since she seemed up for it, we agreed, and off we went. She remained excited until we actually saw him, then her grip around my body tightened. She buried her head in my shoulder and peered at him timidly.

Once we approached, she was willing to talk to him from the safety of her Daddy’s arms, and told him she wanted princess shoes. However, she didn’t seem interested in sitting with him. But this was a seasoned Santa, and he asked for a hug. She leaned in and hugged him, and Santa deftly plopped her onto his lap before she could object. And miraculously, she seemed okay with it! She even looked at the camera and said, “Cheese!”

Santa '08And once it was all said and done, and I think she was pretty proud of herself and excited about her adventure. She has definitely been a good girl this year, so I think Santa will find a way to bring her some princess shoes this Christmas.

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