Photo Shoot

Last month, we had our annual family photo shoot. I say annual, although this was only the second year we’ve done it. But I really enjoy having professional family photos, so I’m planning for this to be an annual tradition.

Rather than a studio shoot, we wanted more candid shots. We take a lot of candids of Camille, but usually one of us is behind the camera. So we wanted candids of us just hanging out being a family. And I was very happy with the pics!

“Chase” is still one of Camille’s favorite games, and I was glad the photographer got these shots as Camille ran around Forsyth Park yelling, “I get you! I get you!”

I'm Gonna Get You!Gotcha!

Gotcha!I love this picture of a sweet nose kiss with one of my favorite fountains in the background.

NuzzleThere was a birthday party happening nearby, and the photographer asked the partygoers if he could have a balloon for our shoot. Camille was thrilled with her yellow balloon (they didn’t have pink). But the photographer also captured what unfolded next, which I think needs no captions.

Yay for balloon!
My Balloon Flew Away
My Balloooon!Fortunately, the nice birthday folks realized what happened and were kind enough to let her have another yellow balloon. Good people!

Yay for another balloonNow I just have the difficult task of deciding which pictures to print and frame. It’s a good problem to have.

Family Photo

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