Christmas Parade

I know, I’m ridiculously sappy, but watching Camille at the Christmas parade tonight just melted me. As each float or marcher wound by our spot in Reynolds Square, Camille waved with a mittened hand and called out, “Hi! Merry Christmas!” I felt all misty-eyed, and I’m not even sure why. It was just so sweet, and I loved watching her get caught up in the excitement. More than once I thought, “this is totally why we have kids.”

I don’t have any pics from the parade because it was a night-time parade of lights and not easy to photograph. But the parade was just the icing on a very Christmas-y day. This morning, we went to Riverstreet for a downtown Christmas celebration, and Camille loved checking out all the decorations outside one of the local hotels.

Camille Hearts Christmas DecorThen this afternoon, we picked out our Christmas tree. She seemed to enjoy the outing, but I believe the highlight for her was not choosing the tree, but receiving a candy cane from the workers!

Ooohhh ... Candy Cane!


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