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Several years ago, before Lee and I had a child and still had lots of free time, I made our Christmas stockings. It seemed like a fun, creative project of minimal difficulty, and I enjoyed giving each of us a unique stocking. Mine has a cat made to look like Luca, and his has a Millie dog.

When Camille was born, I fully intended to make her a stocking too, but I had two excuses. Number one, I had a child to care for. Number two, my machine broke as I finished making our first stockings, so I didn’t have easy access to a sewing machine.

But I have a machine now, and this is Camille’s third Christmas and she seriously needs a stocking. So last night, I set out to make her one.

It was a little harder than I remembered (or maybe I’m rustier), and there were many four-letter words uttered during the sewing of the white fluffy top on the stocking. It kept getting hung in the machine. And while I love Camille’s name, I had not considered how difficult it would be to cut out that many felt letters and fit them on a stocking. Anyway, I finally finished the basic stocking and then it was on to the fun part.

This is FoofaMy idea for her stocking (well, it was Lee’s idea really) was to decorate it with something she likes, but in a way that can be changed next year. Her current love is Foofa, one of the characters from the Yo Gabba Gabba TV show. So I used some felt to create a Foofa on her stocking, and tacked it on with just a few stitches so it will be easy to remove in the future and replace with something else. I don’t imagine 16-year-old Camille will want a Foofa stocking. Just a guess.

I was happy with how it turned out. Definitely not perfect, but if I had wanted perfection I would’ve bought a stocking from the store.

Foofa StockingIn photos, the bright pink Foofa doesn’t stand out particularly well against the red stocking, but oh well!

Foofa DetailCamille LOVES it, and that is the best part of all!

Camille and her stocking

Stocking Family

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  1. Those stockings are wonderful, Ginger! I think homemade stockings are by far the best. Wish I had your mad skillz

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