Month: February 2009

Not Hereditary

I cannot stand for my feet to be cold, which is unfortunate because they stay cold much of the winter. The other night, even in bed with an electric blanket on, I couldn’t get my feet warm enough…. Read More

Lesser Known Benefits

Tonight, while handing Camille a much-coveted gummy vitamin: Me: “Here you go Camille! Vitamins make you so strong.” Camille: “Yeah! Strong and healthy and warm and snuggly, too!”

Aprons for Little Chefs

One of the gifts we gave Nia for Christmas was a Princess Cookbook, full of kid-friendly recipes complete with pink frosting and lots of sprinkles. I was excited about the book, but even more excited about my idea… Read More

Redneck Baby Doll

You know your baby doll is a redneck when… So tonight, Camille was playing with Baby Oscar while I was folding clothes. She found the used dryer sheet and lovingly placed it over Baby Oscar’s naked form like… Read More


This was a good weekend. It’s always a good weekend when we get to spend time with the Valles fam. Lee and I enjoy hanging out with our buddies, and Camille loves playing with Nia and Nate (or… Read More

Letter to Camille: Thirty-One Months

Hi sweet girl, and Happy Thirty-One Month Birthday! You’re probably having Princess dreams right now since we spent the last half hour before bedtime playing dress up. First you were a woodland fairy wearing ballet shoes. Then you… Read More

Because it’s just funny.

Our friend Waco came up with a fabulous idea, and Lee has helped turn it into a reality called NewsWrecker. It’s a website compiling the best news bloopers from around the net, and I’m addicted to it. I… Read More

Hammock Success … At Last

My hammock and I have a long, tumultuous history. It was the source of my first marital disagreement with Lee, when he thought it was too expensive and I thought the sale price was too good to pass… Read More

Parade Practice

Last week we took advantage of some ridiculously warm and sunny weather to enjoy the Georgia Day parade downtown. It’s a celebration of Georgia history, and nearly every elementary school in Chatham County sends a delegation of students… Read More

Picture of the Day

Definition of a Dog and Pony Show: Thanks!