More Weekend Fun

After the Strawberry Festival on Saturday, we headed over to Ronnie’s to share some burgers and milkshakes with good friends we hadn’t seen in much too long. Erica and Isaac came to visit, and for the first time we got to meet Isaac’s son, “little” Isaac, who is such a sweet kid.

We took advantage of the beautiful afternoon and played at the beach, then grabbed dinner at the Crab Shack. The wait was long, but Camille didn’t mind – after all, she had her buddy for company.

At the Crab ShackI was sure the two kiddos would get along, but I was interested to see the exactly how the dynamic would play out between a 2-year-old and an 8-year-old. Turns out, these two were fast friends. On the way back from the Crab Shack – even though it was past bedtime and Camille should have been cranky and tired – there was so much laughter coming from the backseat I was afraid we might be violating a noise ordinance. Later, between fits of giggles, Camille explained. “I took off my shoe and I was hitting him with it. And he was laughing!”

Sunday, they went to church with us and got to be part of our church Easter Egg Hunt. Here’s Camille getting a pink egg (the older kids hid lots of pink ones especially for her – they take good care of my girl!):

Church Egg HuntAnd after the hunt, the two pose with their treasures. We will definitely have to get together again soon – this was fun!

Camille and Isaac

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