More Easter Fun

First, a comment on the weather. How is it possible that my day started cool enough that the heater kicked on in the house, yet this afternoon:

Elmo SprinklerOh yes, that’s my child in a swimsuit, running around her Elmo sprinkler with an umbrella (of course) and a popsicle. Crazy but true.

Anyway, back to the point. Today I had the pleasure of accompanying Miss Camille to an Easter party at her preschool. A couple of weeks ago, when I found the note in her bookbag about the party, I was delighted to see that Camille would need a silly Easter hat for a little round-the-playground parade. I love a chance to be crafty, so she and I headed to Michael’s to find some materials to put together a fun hat. But when we got there, she spotted this:

Kitty Cat HatA ready-made kitty cat hat. And she was smitten. So I put down my hot glue gun and happily bought the hat that was clearly her heart’s desire.

At school, the kids lined up for the playground parade as we parents stood off the to side, cameras at the ready. Camille had me laughing right away as she passed the monkey bars and couldn’t resist showing me how she likes to jump to try to reach them. Here’s a video clip – if you’re not sure which one is Camille, look for the kitty-cat hat jumping up and down. Then there is more jumping during one of their “circle time” songs, and finally, a bit of egg hunting.

School Easter Party from Ginger on Vimeo.

I enjoyed the party activities, but I think my favorite part was just being there and observing her at school. It wasn’t an easy decision when we moved her from her previous daycare into this preschool, but I’m very glad we did. I’m really liking the Montessori concept so far, and I also like the fact that this school is much smaller. She knows all the teachers and they know her, so I never feel like she’s going to be “lost,” neither literally nor figuratively. Miss Brooke is one of her favorite teachers, so I had to get a photo.

Camille and Miss BrookeTwo cuties!

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