Baby Jones-er

Easter CousinsI want a family compound. You know, a cluster of separate homes sharing the same plot of land. I so enjoy spending time with my family, and it just doesn’t seem fair that we’re all so scattered.

Boo and her Easter ChicksWe enjoyed seeing Erin, Dave, Jones and Boo on Easter weekend, then Erin and Jones came to spend a few days with us. It was fun watching Jones and Camille interact. Each found the other pretty fascinating. I’m afraid Camille is always going to call him “Baby” Jones, or her other favorite, “Baby Jones-er.” He’ll probably be graduating high school and she’ll shout from the stands, “Way to go Baby Jones-er!”

In addition to playing around the house, taking trips for ice cream and to see the animals at Oatland, Jones got to experience a big “first” at our house. His first bath in a big tub! How cute is he?

Jones' First Big-Tub BathCamille thought this was all great fun, of course, but could not stop washing him. She watched Erin intently as she bathed him, and all Camille wanted to do was help scrub him down. I snapped this photo right after I asked her not to wash his face. Hmmmm … someone has selective hearing.

Clean Cousins

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