Robot Computer Fairy

A Princess, Robot and a ComputerI just love this picture. One of Camille’s birthday presents was a pink laptop, and the first day she got it, she announced, “I have to make a little website!” Lee and I thought this was hilarious, given our professions, and only wish we’d known that we could make little websites with a toddler computer. How convenient! Later, she said she was going to make a recipe – I guess because half of the time she sees me with my laptop open I’m cooking from an online recipe.

But this picture is especially fun because she’s also wearing her beloved fairy wings (another birthday gift). She’s also playing with three of Lee’s old school Star Wars toys. She knows the two princesses are princesses, but the AT-AT Commander she calls a robot. She loves to get them out of Lee’s display cabinet, sit them on the floor and have conversations with them about princess-y and robot-y things. But on this day, she wanted to show them how to use the computer. How cute that she would teach Lee’s old toys new tricks. I wonder what that 7-year-old Lee would have thought if he could’ve seen this future for his toys? I think it’s pretty sweet.

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