Southeastern Tour

We’re settling back in this week after Camille and I took a trip around the southeast, just the two of us. We missed our man terribly, but I was glad Lee was able to enjoy a boys weekend, fishing with his buddies off Tybee. I was a bit nervous about making the trip with Camille to see my parents in Tennessee, but she did really well on the drive. The biggest problem was containing her excitement about seeing Nana and Granddaddy. “I’m going to ride in Granddaddy’s golfcart!” I heard over and over again.

Granddaddy was kind enough to oblige, and he and Nana whisked her off for a golf cart ride around the neighborhood not long after we arrived. Camille and Granddaddy even got to play a bit of golf, but Camille insisted they only play on the practice green. “I just like the little flags,” she informed us.

Granddaddy's GolferAfter a few days in Tennessee, we drove south to visit with Nikki and the gang in Winder. Camille was good on that drive too, repeating over and over, “I’m going to play with their dress up clothes!”

And indeed she did. Camille nearly fainted with joy when she walked into Nia’s room. It’s painted bright pink with a border of crowns, accented with princess stickers. There is a princess castle and plenty of princess dolls, and stuffed animals nestled together all around the room. Nia was SO NICE to Camille, sharing all of her toys and being the perfect hostess. Poor Nate wanted to play with her too, and Camille loves her “Natey-Nate” as she calls him, but he couldn’t convince her to come into his room and play. So Nate showed he was a real trooper and decided to join the girls instead of be left out. I’m thinking we’ll hang on to this photo in case these two get married one day. It’ll be good for the photo slideshow at the rehearsal dinner.

Two CinderellasThat is one happy Camille.

Playing Dress Up
PowerPuff Popsicle

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