Month: August 2009

A New Travel Tradition

The trip between Savannah and Fitzgerald is generally not very exciting. There was that time I nearly hit a whole family of pigs on the highway outside Lumber City, but that’s about the extent of the thrills. But… Read More

Letter to Camille: Thirty-Seven Months

Hello sweet sleeping ballerina, and Happy Thirty-Seven Month Birthday! While you dream in your bed I’m reflecting on the fun month we’ve had together – a month of hair cuts, ballet shoes and make-believe. Where to start? Let’s… Read More

Getting In2Books

Heads up to my Savannah friends who love books! There is a new e-mentoring program launching in our area which pairs adults with third, fourth or fifth grade students to read and talk about books. It all happens… Read More

Survey by John Barrow

I hopped on the website of my local Congressman, John Barrow, and was pleased to see he has an online survey about health care reform. If you want to weigh in and you live around here too, here’s… Read More

I Want Health Care Reform

To be honest, I don’t like politics. Never have, probably never will. But I do like health insurance. And I happen to know that private health insurance sucks. I sat here trying to think of a better, less… Read More

Peary Good Dishes

Last week a friend shared a few pears with us from his family’s farm … and by a few, I actually mean millions of pears. Okay, not millions, but a lot of pears. We’ve enjoyed peeling and dicing… Read More