Bathroom Remodel: Inhale, Exhale

I had planned to post nightly bathroom remodel updates, but instead I’ve been busy taking deep breaths in a paper bag and trying not to faint.

Lee and I have been having commitment issues – not with each other, thankfully, but with our bathroom remodel decisions. Once some of our choices began to materialize, we had a serious bout of second-guessing, mostly about a new wall. I won’t get into the details, but let’s just say I had nightmares about this wall. I’m not kidding.

Then on top of the stressful choices, there’s all the dust. I’m not a neat-freak – in fact, I can be a bit of a slob. But it has made me absolutely batty to live in a house layered in plaster dust, with the continual crunch of more dust underfoot. And while the sheetrock guys did a great job repairing the major plaster cracks in Camille’s wall, the amount of dust generated by all that sanding was, simply put, insane.

And on top of all that, all the destruction and construction has driven Camille and me out of the house on those days she doesn’t have school. All the noise and (have I mentioned?) dust meant Camille had to spend nap time on various floors of various friends. I am so lucky she will sleep well in her sleeping bag, but I’m ready for a return to our routine.

But today we’re finally seeing the bathroom come together, and I’m beginning to think it’ll all be ok. My breathing is returning to normal, and I can post about it without a knot in the pit of my stomach. The floor and shower are tiled, and I love the decorative glass band in the shower and our handy-dandy inset soap box. And our new tub is so white! Up next: glass blocks to finish out the shower wall and the installation of our toilet and sink.

Bathroom remodel, day 8Shiny New TubNifty decorative tile and inset box

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