Batty for Cupcakes

It has been a crazy week or so with lots of fun things to write about, but I’ve just been too busy to write! Our camping trip was great (although not without adventure) and I look forward to documenting it soon. But I had to take a moment to share this.

Right now we’re enjoying a visit from Nana, and last night we girls spent some time in the kitchen concocting bat cupcakes. Camille has been really into bats lately, so I had high hopes for this project and I was not disappointed. The recipe was super easy, and I think the results are adorable. Basically, you make regular cupcakes and frost them. Find some round chocolate cookies (we used thin mint wannabes) and cut them in half. Push the cookie halves into the icing for the wings, place a hershey’s kiss in the center for the body, and use red gel icing for eyes. Next time I’ll use orange icing to help the bats stand out, and we’ll definitely make these again!

Bat CupcakeA Halloween Variety PlatterTasty Bats!

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  1. Those are super cute cupcakes, Ginger! Camille might like this bat project if that’s what she is into this Halloween (would definitely require your help, but still pretty simple):
    Bat Mobile by
    I’m making mine today!

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