Month: August 2010

The School Girl

We have the first day of school under our belts, and we all came through just fine. Camille was so excited to go to school this morning – excited about her uniform, her lunch box, her bookbag, the… Read More

Pre-K Eve

Her name is on her lunchbox. Her bookbag is by the front door. Her mama is conflicted. Camille starts pre-k tomorrow. In 12 hours she begins a new chapter – we all begin a new chapter. A week… Read More

Letter to Camille: Forty-Nine Months

Hello sweet sleeping girl, and Happy 49 months! You, my traveling superstar, are sound asleep upstairs, exhausted after a day at the Portland Zoo and suffering from a wee bit of jet lag. We are in Oregon visiting… Read More

Early Author Ambitions

I was digging through boxes in our attic tonight looking for an old toy I wanted to show Camille when I found something unexpected. As soon as I opened the box and saw the familiar hot pink notebook… Read More