The School Girl

We have the first day of school under our belts, and we all came through just fine. Camille was so excited to go to school this morning – excited about her uniform, her lunch box, her bookbag, the whole shebang. Her excitement helped keep my anxieties down, too.

We stopped on the way in to get a picture of her with the stone lions at the front door of her school. Of course she wanted to ride them.

First Day of Pre-KShe didn’t hesitate when it was time to say good-bye and walk through the door to her classroom. I wanted to cry, but she was so happy and I didn’t dare give her any cause for concern or tears of her own. So I kept it together – on the outside anyway.

It was a long day of waiting and wondering how she was doing. I was so happy to see her heading my way in the car pool lane when the school day was done. She says her day went well and that she had a good time, but boy did she look tired. Thankfully, there is a restaurant serving ice cream just a block away, and a little treat perked her right up. Hoping tomorrow goes just as well.

Ice Cream Treat

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