Pre-K Eve

Her name is on her lunchbox. Her bookbag is by the front door. Her mama is conflicted.

Camille starts pre-k tomorrow. In 12 hours she begins a new chapter – we all begin a new chapter.

A week ago I was feeling a large amount of despair about her first day of pre-k. Had we made the right pre-k choice? I was anxious about how she would handle the elementary school environment and the five-day-a-week schedule. I was upset about losing our Tuesdays and Thursdays together.

Then we went to open house at her school last Thursday. We met her teachers. We had questions answered. We visited the room – and oh what a room! There is a fort/playhouse, dress up clothes, baby dolls, a reading nook, a kitchen, a “beach area” and more. It’s not that I expected a bare room, but watching Camille’s eyes grow wide with excitement as she took it all in was such a relief. She played, she talked to her teacher, she checked out her desk and cubby, and she didn’t want to leave. The teacher talked about some of the things they’ll do during the year, like field trips. FIELD TRIPS! Those were always so fun! I joined the PTA and can hardly wait to get involved.

Sometimes I want so badly to freeze her in place because I’m enjoying
her so much, but at the same time I also want to watch her grow. She
needs to grow.

I’m still feeling anxious. I’m still upset. But there is less despair, and more importantly, there is also a new excitement for her and for us. That’s the part I will try to focus on tomorrow when we walk through those elementary school doors, and hopefully that’s what she’ll focus on too. Let the adventure begin!

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